Because I have to rewrite this months post so I have nothing else and, well, YOLO…

Enjoy some heartbreak masterpieces


When I was more angry than anything: 

I blocked you on twitter,

Unfriended you on Facebook,

But honey, that’s ’cause I was bitter,

You’re not off the hook


This was not a disconnection,

I still stalk you, you see.

It was merely self protection

Against anything that might hurt me.


But no this is not over,

Did you really think 

Things could be a field of clover

When I watched you chuck “us” down the sink?!


It doesn’t work like that honey,

Babe, sweetie, hunbun.

You may think I’m being funny,

But dear, the damage ain’t all done. 


The silence that we share,

The distance between us

Is too much for any friendship to bare. 

We’re going under a damn bus.


If you cared about me and us,

Like about our friendship and stuff

You’d pull me from under that bus

And build a bond that’s tough.


But of course you don’t care,

Or you don’t act that way.

And why would you dare?

I’m just a deranged girl at the end of the day…


Then when I was more sad than anything else:

I wonder whether you ever check up on me, 

to have a look and see how I might be.

Have I moved on? Am I ok?

Are questions I wonder whether you say.


But even if you do you won’t find the truth.

Of my grief and pain you won’t find proof,

Because although this hurt I cannot bare,

The words to release it I can fathom nowhere


So I ask: have you moved on? Are you ok?

Not that I really want to know the truth today.

For all I know you’ve found someone new,

Moving into the light, leaving me feeling blue. 


You have moved on, and one day so will I.

I will once again find someone who makes my soul fly.

So in the end what will be will be,

Although I’d still prefer it: forever Mr Mushy and me.


And finally a mixture of the two, will an element of “I’ve moved on”. How progressive of me…

A sharp tongue I possess,

But best if you know less

Than the others close to me,

Who know the bitch I can be. 


I can come up with lines quick,

Quicker than a light switch flick

That can make you hate me or quiver

As you hear my slick tongue slither. 


I don’t know why I protect you from this..

To see you crumble would be such bliss.

There are so many things I want to say

As some sort of way of making you pay.


But I guess that deep down

I don’t want to make you feel like a clown.

I would not mean most of what I said

And I know I should instead put my bitterness to bed.


So fear not, I will not start 

To you my harsh words I will not impart.

But I will say this, I miss you too much

And I can’t wait to be friends, back in touch. 



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